Simone is certified in Equine Sports Massage,
the therapeutic hands on application of   massage techniques used
to increase circulation, relax tense, hypertonic muscles, relieve
tension, and increase range of motion in the horse. In the same way
as humans benefit from massage - so do our equine partners, either
as an athlete or our pleasure horse. See benefits of massage.


Simone is also certified practitioner & instructor in the Equi-Bow Technique.See benefits of bowen.
Asked to develop a course to teach this gentle, noninvasive , hand on technique , teaching partners Simone and Cheryl launched Equi-Bow Canada, a certification program based on Bowen, Craniosacral and Feldenkrass techniques for horses  . “Starting Equi-Bow Canada was a natural step for us to take,” Simone says of herself and teaching partner Cheryl Gibson.

“There are so many horses in need of this technique and we’re thrilled to be able to train people in this modality. We just can’t get to all the horses we’d like to reach.” 

This unique equine program offers Equi-Bow techniques combined with other complimentary techniques. Simone has found working with this technique extremely rewarding, in addressing physical and behavioral problems.
Simone’s cliental includes people and horses, as well as  dogs, cats, and even a cow.

“To be able to offer pain relief and to enhance the quality of life

for an individual, either human or animal is extremely rewarding.

To watch an animal’s terribly crooked pelvis straighten,

or to see an individual walk into the room struggling with their pain,

and then after treatment to see them look, feel, and behave

in a much more relaxed manner

reinforces the profound effects of body balancing

such as the Equi-Bow technique.” 


Seeing the profound changes in her clients creates enthusiasm and focus in her work. 


“I have found a job that I love even more than the job

I have loved doing for the past 25 years“.

Pain relief, comfort, and freedom of movement

are the greatest gifts a therapist can offer.

It’s a win-win situation for all.”  


As well as providing massage treatments and equi-bow  sessions for her equine clients, Simone has a varied background, which includes teaching equine bowen, addressing equine behavioral and communication issues, training and breeding horses, providing riding instruction for students, running a small boarding facility; she also spent two year as an Associate Clinician representing The Bitless Bridle, Inc. for Central Canada.